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The Last Piece A Sudden Departure A Story Decades In The Making The Chaotic But Happy Equilibrium Of The Nightingale Family Is Thrown Into Disarray When Cecily Whose Children Can T Remember Her Ever Being Remotely Spontaneous Disappears To A Greek Island With No Warning Or ExplanationHer Reasons For Doing Something So Out Of Character Are A Total Mystery To Her Three Daughters, High Powered Executive Felicity, Unfulfilled GP Julia And Organised Mother Of Five Lily What Connection Could She Possibly Have With Kefalonia But Cecily Has Gone To Continue A Story She Thought Ended Decades Ago One That Could Have A Huge Impact On Her Family And When She Returns, She Ll Have To Tell Them The TruthWill Cecily Be Able To Hold Her Family Together Once She Reveals Her Big Secret And Might She Discover That She S Not The Only One With A Story To Tell

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    Felicity is really annoyed with her mother Cecily Why has she upped and gone to Kefalonia without a word to herself or twin sisters Lily and Julia Why is her father Norman being so mysterious Eventually the girls find out the truth and it s the last thing they expected First of all, the cha

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    A well written, heartwarming family drama about a mother who raised 3 daughters and meets the daughter she gave up when she was a teenager I thank Netgalley andPublishing for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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    I did not dislike this book, but I am not raving about it either Cecily gave birth to a daughter, in a mother nd baby home when she was 16 She was then adopted 50 years later she contacts her birth mother who is now married with 3daughters Certainly an interesting story idea, which is told from the viewpoint o

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    Thank youPublishing UK for the eARC.What a lovely, heartwarming and heartbreaking story this is, I loved it.It features the Nightingale family, mum, dad and three daughters who happily live their lives with its ups and downs Until the mother, Cecily, disappears to Greece, for reasons only her husband knows When she retu

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    I enjoyed this book It was a quick, easy read and just what I needed Whilst I can appreciate theserious themes of the book, I did not feel like it was considerably memorable The characters were great and very distinct, and I liked how we could see their different personalities through how they lived their lives However, I did not

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    The novel started fine, with a fast pace, a mystery that wasn t that mysterious in the end, in my opinion , and the promise of a good story and yet, I didn t enjoy this one.The plot is weak and it s easy to see where it ll take the reader The focus is on Cecily Nightingale, a mother of three daughters, who discovers that the daughter she g

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    The Last Piece is a breezy, sentimental read that showcases the Nightingale family during a tumultuous time in their lives Cecily spontaneously leaves for Greece with no word left for her three adult daughters, and their father, Norman, isn t giving away the reason Mom left But when she comes back, she reveals a secret that changes their family, and

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    BOOK REVIEW The Last Piece by Imogen Clark Thank you netgally, imogenclark and lakeunionpublishing for the opportunity to read this book prerelease in exchange for my honest review The chaotic but happy equilibrium of the Nightingale family is thrown into disarray when Cecily whose children can t remember her ever being remotely spontaneous disappears to a Gr

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    Our lives are like jigsaw puzzles Each piece contains a story that when fitted together, portrays a photo of our journey Looking at a section is only a snapshot but an important outline of our backgrounds Without warning, Cecily Nightingale disappears to Kefalonia leaving her three daughters puzzled As the matriarch of their family, she presides with a loving but firm

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    I was lucky enough to receive a publisher s copy of this book free of charge I had already read some of the author s work and found the books interesting and enjoyable After reading the first couple of chapters of this one, I was beginning to wish that I had not accepted a free copy as I was feeling guilty that, having agreed to write a review, I would be writing a less than pos

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